You Can Now Use Ripple to Buy, Spend and Trade Gold

Gold Bullion International, a precious metals provider, announced in a statement Tuesday that it was opening as a live gateway on the Ripple protocol, creating a new gold-backed cryptocoin.

Bitcoins Affected by New York’s BitLicense May Trade at Discount

Savvy traders could profit handsomely from the bitcoin arbitrage opportunities presented by a future BitLicense, argues Jon Matonis. Expanding Bitcoin Acceptance Internationally in the Next Six Weeks

Speaking on the RT news network recently, CEO Patrick Byrne revealed a bit of information with regard to the company’s bitcoin acceptance plans. Byrne noted that in a month to

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This is the feature article for Issue 20. Explaining Bitcoin to a luddite is like explaining the plot of an action-drama movie. Failing exchanges! “Overnight” millionaires! Bank robberies! Drug-busts! World-changing innovation! Government espionage and fortunes made and lost! One of the most interesting aspects is the superhero-like protagonist: our system’s very anonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. #themanbehindbitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto is thought to be a pseudonym for the unknown “Father of Bitcoin”; in Japanese, Satoshi Nakamoto roughly translates to “thinking clearly inside the foundation.”1  For the purpose of this article, Satoshi will be referred to as a male. His preference for privacy is his hallmark. He used e-mail addresses and web-sites that were untraceable. In 2009, he produced his famous white paper […]

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KnC on the Cusp of Delivering Titan Scrypt Miner

Swedish mining firm KnC Miner is moving ever closer to unleashing its Titan on the scrypt mining scene, it announced in a press release Monday.

Dogecoin Core Development Interview

Dogecoin, born in jest, is now serious business. A major payment processor already supports Dogecoin payments. This has opened up the coin to a huge selection of international merchants. One such merchant is Hustler Magazine, which recently confirmed it would start accepting payments in Dogecoin. Dogecoin is also being embraced by new exchanges, including those in the lucrative Chinese market. Most importantly, the community seems as vibrant and passionate as ever. This is important. However, it matters little if there is no one maintaining the protocol and ensuring both the integrity and security of the network. Fortunately for Dogecoin the core development team is equally as passionate. They are increasingly becoming recognised as one of the most active and productive […]

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Waffle Dog Radio: Revolutionizing Music via Bitcoin

Searching for a place to buy or sell music tracks for digital currency? Not a problem. Waffle Dog Radio is a revolutionary service that aims to help both music artists and music fans.

CoinSafe Releases ‘Virtual Bitcoin ATM’ Apps for Merchants

CoinSafe says its new software allows businesses to trade bitcoins directly with walk-in customers.

Botswana ‘Bitcoin Lady’ Raising BTC for African Children’s Charity

Alakanani Itireleng, a Bitcoin enthusiast from Botswana, says she is fundraising Bitcoins for SOS Children’s Villages.

Overstock’s Radical Plan to Reinvent the Stock Market With Bitcoin – Wired

Overstock’s Radical Plan to Reinvent the Stock Market With Bitcoin
Wired and its swashbuckling CEO, Patrick Byrne, are hoping to create a new kind of corporate stock based on the computer software that drives bitcoin, aiming to overhaul the stock market in much the same way that bitcoin overhauled how we store … Expanding Bitcoin Acceptance Internationally in the Next Six newsBTC

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