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The Fashion Industry May Soon Get Help From Artificial Intelligence

Not every development in the world of artificial intelligence needs to be feared. In most cases, these new technological tools will improve many aspects of our daily lives. Researchers at the University of California at San Diego have partnered with Adobe to create a new fashion-oriented AI. Not only will it learn about your personal fashion […]

Can an AI Program Be a Musician?

Computers and artificial intelligence are advancing at an exponential rate. New applications and uses for these technologies are announced daily, and there does not seem to be an end in sight to their capabilities. Even in areas such as the arts, computers are making an impact. In fact, the next catchy tune you hear on the […]

Nigel is an AI that may Help Users Make Political Decisions

People are relying on the Internet and their devices more for gathering information about their world to make decisions. Many of the times, these decisions are about where to eat tonight, whether a beer is good, or how a cryptocurrency is performing. But what if a device or software could help people choose how to […]

Autonomous Submarines are the Next Frontier for the US Navy

Unmanned vehicles can include any form of transportation. Cars, trucks, and even small aircraft come to mind almost immediately. US Navy, however, is exploring the possibility of autonomous submarines. Defense manufacturers are readily exploring this new industry, thanks to a competition organized by Navy officials. Unmanned submarines make a lot of sense. Autonomous Submarines For Naval Purposes […]

AI-Driven Drones may Soon Assist Humans to Inspect Heavy Industrial Equipment

Drones and other AI-driven technology can make a big impact when it comes to security. These gadgets can be used to remotely monitor critical infrastructure, including oil rigs and other heavy industrial facilities. NVIDIA has teamed up with Avitas Systems to explore these options further. Combining artificial intelligence, drones, and analytics to enhance infrastructure inspections […]

Sensay, Groundbreaking AI and Chatbot Company Launches Token Sale

Sensay, a Los Angeles-based tech company that specializes in AI, chatbots and conversation analysis has launched a sale of its new Ethereum-based application token, SENSE with a presale date scheduled on September 9, 2017, and a sale date scheduled for September 27, 2017. SENSE tokens will enable users to earn rewards for the contributions they […]

Researchers Develop AI That Evaluates Quality and Potential Popularity of Short Stories

Researchers have been trying to get artificial intelligence (AI) to understand and generate narratives for years. A big problem in this line of research has now been seemingly solved, as researchers from Disney and the University of Massachusetts at Boston have developed neural networks that can evaluate short stories and predict how popular they could be with […]

Google Launches Machine Learning-Based Tool to Track U.S. Hate Crimes

Machine learning is one of the more competitive technology industries right now. Google and Propublica are partnering up to use this technology as a way to track hate crimes across the United States. It is an interesting concept, especially considering how the documentation of hate crimes in America has been quite problematic for some time […]