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What is MyEtherShop?

Even though most people will agree that Ethereum has some of the more promising crypto technology under its hood, spending ETH on consumer products is still a major challenge compared with other currencies. Services such as MyEtherShop aim to slowly bridge that gap, and the project bears a few similarities to how All4BTC works for Bitcoin users. It […]

Analyst: Like Amazon, Bitcoin Offers a Lucrative Multi-Decade Investment Opportunity

A financial analyst looked closely at the spikes in Amazon’s stock price and bitcoin recently. While detailing similarities between the two investments, he explains why bitcoin may be one of the most lucrative trading opportunities for decades. Also read: Most Popular Contactless Smart Cards in Japan Adding Bitcoin Hardware Wallets Bitcoin is Most Lucrative Education consultant and […]

Drone Data – The Digital Oil Rush

For the vast majority of people, the idea of drones delivering their Amazon products, their groceries, or their take out for the night will not go much further beyond that. It will remain as an ephemeral experience which began at the time of placing their order, and that ended at once their service or product […]