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US Telcos Targeted by Hackers in an Attempt to Empty Cryptocurrency Wallets

Cryptocurrency users have always been a tempting target for cybercriminals. Since none of these currencies have reversible transactions, stealing money is a guarantee for success. It now appears criminals are targeted telecommunication providers across the United States for this purpose. More specifically, they try to have companies transfer control of a victim’s phone number to […]

WWAM: Decentralized Mobile Exchanges

As the United Kingdom and countries around the world threaten to crank up the pressure on large messaging service’s use of end to end encryption to secure communications, another solution to slow governmental intrusion materialized in the form of the blockchain. Several companies in the blockchain technology space has set out to tackle the impending […]

Can Ripple Effectively Rival Bitcoin and Ethereum in Terms of Success?

There is still a lot of confusion regarding Ripple and their XRP token. Unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ripple is not targeting the same market. More specifically, the company wants to make the financial sector more efficient using blockchain technology. Their Consensus ledger has received high praise from various partners over the years. […]

Bitcoin Keeps Gaining Ground in Japan as Largest Ticket Exchange Marketplace Accepts BTC

Japan is an interesting country when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Not too long ago, new regulation in the country legalized Bitcoin as a payment method. It now appears the number of merchants accepting BTC payments continues to increase. Ticket camp is a very popular ticket exchange marketplace in Japan. With around 5 million active users, […]

The Empire Card: Decentralizing Rewards

It’s become commonplace for credit cards to offer rewards to their users including cash back, reward points, and airline miles. In fact, consumers have come to expect rewards as a consistent perk to using credit cards. However, in the cryptocurrency world, most cards that have been offered to date (TenX, Monaco, etc.) do not offer […]

What Happened to the Promise by Exchanges not to List Contentious Hard Fork Currencies?

Cryptocurrency exchanges have always been pretty odd creatures. More specifically, they are centralized entities whom people trust with their cryptocurrency balances. These companies also vowed never to list any contentious hard fork coins on their platforms. As we all know by now, that has not been the case whatsoever. Any hard fork on the BTC […]

Korea’s Bithumb Exchange Launches In-person Support Desk due to Customer Base Growth

Cryptocurrency exchanges all over the world see major growth these days. This is especially true for Bithumb, South Korea’s largest trading platform to date. Their customer base has grown so much they decided to launch an in-person support center. Customers can walk up to the building and get support around the clock. An interesting decision, […]

Bitcoin Cash Price Surges as Mining Profitability Parity is Almost Achieved

Bitcoin Cash continues to hang on despite people’s best efforts to crash the price. Especially now that Bitcoin is dropping a bit, people seemingly flock to alternatives. Over the past 24 hours, we have seen a major BCH price increase. Additionally, mining profitability parity between BCH and BTC is almost achieved. It will be interesting […]

Bittrex Customers Disapprove of Withdrawal Policy Changes

Withdrawing funds from cryptocurrency exchanges is not always convenient. More specifically, a lot of platforms integrate withdrawal limits for all users. With most funds kept in cold storage, that isn’t overly surprising. Customers of Bittrex, however, are growing concerned over the company’s policy changes. Moving money off the platform now takes a lot longer than […]

ShapeShift Acquires Bitcoin Hardware Manufacturer KeepKey

In a rather surprising turn of events, hardware wallet manufacturer has been acquired. The company acquired a software wallet  a few years ago. Acquisitions are pretty common in the Bitcoin world these days. With Shapeshift now picking up the company, interesting things are bound to happen. The first priority is enabling real-time trading on KeepKey […]