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All-Time High: Bitcoin Shrugs Off the Competition Once Again

The price of a single Bitcoin exceeded its previous all-time high again today. Seemingly shrugging off doubt over its position as top-dog in the cryptocurrency world, the going rate of each unit of the digital currency reached an unprecedented £7,794 according to market price watch website, Coinmarketcap. This puts it ever-closer to the next major […]

Bitcoin Price Watch; Here’s Where We Are Looking To Get In Today

The European session has just kicked off in the bitcoin price and it’s looking as though we are in for some considerable volatility moving forward today and – ahead – into the close of the week. From its corrective lows way back down around the $6000 level late last week, bitcoin has staged something of […]

Golix Exchange: Bitcoin Price Double in Zimbabwe

Cryptocurrency seems to thrive in times of instability. That’s certainly the case right now in Zimbabwe. The price of a single Bitcoin surged to an unprecedented $13,500 on the country’s only crypto exchange, Golix, following news that troops from the Zimbabwe Defence Forces seized power in what is beginning to look like a coup. On […]