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200.It’s hard to believe, but today marks the 200th post I have written about Bitcoin.  Between the Daily Bit, and my contributions to CoinDesk and Investopedia, I have now written hundreds of thousands of words on subjects ranging from inside looks at the industry’s top startups, to scandals and potential threats to the ecosystem, to economic theory and […]

Adept: IBM, Samsung, Bitcoin?

Yesterday, I included a quick blurb about IBM’s Paul Brody and his discussion with Gigaom regarding his company’s new open source, blockchain-dependent internet of things infrastructure project, called “Adept.”  Last night, I had the chance to listen to the full podcast.  (His interview starts at 22:10.)  The topic deserves its own post.I was surprised at the subdued response […]

Stop Thinking Bitcoin is Just a New Kind of Currency

This article is a guest post written by Valery Kholodkov, Lead Researcher at AVG Innovation Lab in Amsterdam. Valery is on the forefront of AVG’s privacy-related research and he is constantly looking into how emerging technologies impact user privacy. It’s no secret that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are showing us brand new opportunities in the digital […]

BitcoinExpo 2014 in Shanghai is Coming

After a very successful Central European Bitcoin Expo in Vienna, the new opportunity to build, expand your business partnerships, meet new people and enjoy atmosphere of special event is coming. The same organizers are preparing a remarkable event BitcoinExpo 2014 in Shanghai. The Expo is going to take place on 19th – 21th September. The […]