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Bitpay Sprints Towards Processing $1B Bitcoin Payments Annually

The global bitcoin payment service provider, Bitpay, has released a progress report that details the company’s payment volume has grown exponentially this year by 328 percent. The Atlanta-based company founded in 2011 says it’s steadily approaching US$1B in bitcoin payments processed annually. Also read: Goldman Sachs Contemplates Creating a New Bitcoin Trading Operation Bitpay’s Payment Volume […]

Crypto-Anarchist Cody Wilson Launches 3D Printed M1911 Handgun Software

In the past bitcoiners could purchase a machine called the “Ghost Gunner 2,” from a Texas company called Defense Distributed (DD) led by crypto-anarchist Cody Wilson. A Ghost Gun is a firearm that is built or modified without serial numbers and the company’s product makes untraceable AR-15 rifle parts. Now, this week Wilson has announced […]

‘Bond Street’ Level Jeweler Samer Halimeh NY Now Accepts Bitcoin

The well-known international diamond and luxury jewelry retailer, Samer Halimeh New York, has announced the company will now start jewel trades and sales in Bitcoin.     Also read: Five Leading Russian Universities Start Offering Cryptocurrency Courses Luxury Diamond Retailer Samer Halimeh NY Will Accept Bitcoin for Sales and B2B Trading The luxury diamond retailer headquartered in […]

Bitcoin Network Fees Remain a Topic of Debate

Bitcoin transaction fees have always been a topic of substantial debate. A lot of people feel the average Bitcoin fee is far too high for the regular user. There is a certain truth to this statement, although it also depends on which service is being used. A new screenshot shows how a BitPay transaction charged […]