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Bitcoin Bubble? Analysis Suggests More Room to Grow

With all the media attention and the skyrocketing price of bitcoin of late, it is common to hear that bitcoin is in a bubble. However, some analysts disagree, offering reasons why the digital currency has more room to grow. Also read: Are Asian Markets Creating a Bitcoin Price Bubble? Some Say Bitcoin Is in a Bubble […]

Bitcoin’s Price Correction Called in Advance by Analyst

As bitcoin’s price skyrocketed on Thursday May 25, one analyst predicted an imminent correction. The price of bitcoin soon fell sharply before reaching $2,800 as she predicted. She also gave some price forecasts, warning of a downturn for the rest of the year but record highs in 2018. Also read: Fidelity Integrates with Coinbase, Mines Bitcoin and […]

Are Asian Markets Creating a Bitcoin Price Bubble?

Bitcoin’s price has been rising so fast over the past two months people don’t know what to expect next. In Asia, the price is climbing higher than most western exchanges. Now many people are wondering how healthy the current price spike is and whether or not the digital currency is in a bubble that might […]