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LedgerX Processes Over $1m in BTC Swaps and Options Trades in First Week

Institutional investors will always look for new ways to gain access to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In most cases, they will use dark pools or regulated investment vehicles such as CFDs and options trades. LedgerX is one of the companies focusing on swaps and options trades for cryptocurrency. So far, business is booming, as it processed over […]

Bitcoin Gold Futures Markets Paint an Interesting Future

A lot of readers will be surprised to learn there are actual Bitcoin Gold futures markets. Although this “fork” has been seeing a lot less interest and support compared to Bitcoin Cash or even the future SegWit2x altcoin, there is some enthusiasm associated with the project. It appears there are two futures markets out there right now, neither of which […]

Lucyd – Decentralizing the AR Space with Glasses

It’s not every day that an ICO comes around with thirteen patented technologies for a virtual space that’s expected to boom. By introducing their token LCD, Lucyd endeavors to make the future of augmented reality decentralized. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article With the traditional market realizing that AR is no gimmick, market experts expect […]

Tezos ICO Is Officially Under Investigation

A few days ago, it became painfully obvious that the Tezos ICO was going through a very rough patch. With an internal power struggle taking place, it is evident things will not be settled anytime soon. To make matters worse, there is now an official investigation underway against Tezos on behalf of various ICO investors. Things […]

düber Technologies – Incentivizing through Blockchain

While a variety of cryptocurrencies have dealt with the cannabis space, düber Technologies Inc. is bringing their established and well-operating organization to the blockchain with the launch of their new düber Token (DBR). The company’s mission is to help small and medium-sized businesses compete with larger corporations through superior technology, all the while ensuring that […]

LocalEthereum Is Well-Received by ETH Buyers and Sellers so Far

Peer-to-peer exchange platforms for various cryptocurrencies are slowly gaining traction. Most people already know LocalBitcoins has become a major platform for trading the world’s largest cryptocurrency. Monero has its LocalMonero platform, and Ethereum now has LocalEthereum. It seems the latter platform is off to a good start already. So it Begins for LocalEthereum Ethereum enthusiasts have been waiting to […]

NEO Price Gains 11% Against Bitcoin but Remains Volatile

Most cryptocurrencies aren’t performing too well right now. That is nothing new during the weekend, as it is often a period with less exciting trading action in general. One of the few currencies noting any gains whatsoever is none other than NEO. It has been another somewhat rough week for this altcoin, but its price is showing some signs […]

The Scaling Debate Could Use Some Civility

Bitcoin’s scaling debate has been getting increasingly nasty and out of hand since it began. While there is nothing wrong with disagreeing with anyone in the community — Bitcoin is meant to encourage discourse and debate — things are taking a turn for the worst. The animosity in this debate is hurting the image of […]

Double Trouble – UTRUST and Soma Partner-Up and Fuse Future-Thinking Payments with Classifieds

Powerful partnerships have been at the core of business success for many top-performing companies, across almost every industry. SOMA and UTRUST shake hands, combining knowledge, cost scaling, and in-house payment advantages to accelerate leverage on the market. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Post For a few months now, we have been reading about many interesting […]

TriForce Tokens Garners Support from Coventry University Enterprise, Benefits from Innovate UK’s IP Audit Process

Acclaimed blockchain start-up TriForce Tokens has secured a vital partnership with the UK’s Coventry University Enterprises LTD, just days before the launch of its pre-ICO. It represents a doubling-down on the strategic direction and effectiveness of TriForce Tokens at a crucial time when funding is about to be put on the table. Additionally, an IP […]