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Opporty: Ethereum-Based Market Place With Decentralized Escrow System

The structures of traditional marketplaces are inefficient and unnecessarily complex, primarily due to their reliance on intermediaries and third party service providers. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Companies and individuals engaging in trades, sales of goods, and exchange in services are required to depend on escrow services that often demand expensive service and maintenance […]

Confideal – Making Smart Contracts Accessible to Everyone

Confideal is a new smart contracts platform that seeks to make it easier than ever for users to interact with smart contracts and create their own uses for blockchain technology.  While it is possible to create smart contracts manually on the Etherium blockchain, this typically requires advanced coding skills, or at the very least the […]

VOISE to Launch Decentralized Streaming and Download Platform

VOISE is poised to disrupt the music industry with the alpha launch of its decentralized music streaming and downloads platform on October 18th. The platform will bring music artist, lovers, and listeners together in their common love for music and has received strong support from Grammy-nominated, independent artist Carolyn Malachi and DJ sensation, Jinco. Online […]

Dan Larimer Reportedly Working On Sub-second Latency in EOS

Anyone who has spent the last few years following the cryptocurrency space has likely run across the name of Dan Larimer. His involvement in Bitcoin dates back to some of the earliest forum posts by Satoshi Nakamoto. Now, Dan Larimer is looking to push the boundaries of the blockchain itself. While cryptocurrencies have obviously gained […]

Australian Fintech Startups Want a Central Bank Digital Currency

Multiple banks are actively contemplating the idea of creating their own digital currencies. Surprisingly enough, Australia is one of the places where such efforts may take off sooner rather than later. A digital dollar makes some sense to the Australian fintech sector, although it remains to be seen if this venture will be officially pursued in the end. […]

Russia to Launch Its Own Digital Currency, the CryptoRuble

Recent reports indicate that Russia is getting ready to launch its own digital currency, the CryptoRuble, thereby confirming numerous rumors about Russia’s plans in the area of blockchain technology. Russia is embracing blockchain technology and digital currencies During the last couple of months, Russia has had a passive-aggressive stance toward digital currencies, yet in the past, the […]

TD Bank Prevents Customers From Buying Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Various banks around the world are not too happy about people buying Bitcoin. We have seen multiple banks close customer accounts because of this activity. This is not a positive development by any means. It now seems TD Bank is actually trying to block Bitcoin purchases as well, although the company is mainly performing routine checks by […]

NEO Price Rises to $28 As Upward Momentum Returns

The past month has been rather interesting for holders of the NEO currency. With the NEO price rising from sub-$20 to just over $36 in quick succession, a market correction would occur sooner or later. It seems that the correction is finally finding a stable floor, as the NEO price seems to hover comfortably at […]