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New Android App Allows Wannabe Cybercriminals to Create Custom Ransomware

Cybercriminals no longer need any coding experience to be able to make money by extorting someone else. According to Symantec researchers there is new Android app spreading through Chinese underground forums that allows wannabe cybercriminals to create custom ransomware, without having to write on single line of code. Creating Ransomware through an Android app The […]

Cybercrime Is on the Rise in the Ethereum Ecosystem

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts see Ethereum as a project that has a lot of potential. Its technology — most notably smart contracts — is certainly worth exploring. Unfortunately, any new form of technology will also attract people with less-than-honest intentions. The Ethereum ecosystem has become a home to cybercrime in a disturbing way. Millions of dollars have been […]

Cybercriminals and Cyber Espionage Teams Use Steganography to Cover Their Tracks

Steganography is one of the most powerful and underutilized technologies we know today. Embedding information within images anyone can see is a great way to distribute data to others without relying on third-party communication channels. A new report from Kaspersky Lab shows steganography use is on the rise among both cybercrime groups and individuals conducting cyber […]

Alleged Mirai Botnet Creator Receives Suspended Sentence from German Court

The world was surprised to learn that a massive botnet had shut down multiple popular online services earlier this year. During this attack, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and plenty of others suffered from extended outages. These attacks were caused by the Mirai botnet, which quickly became synonymous with insecure Internet of Things devices. […]