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Ethereum Developers Are Working on Autonomous, Scalable Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are a fascinating piece of technology. Not only can they be used to perform functions automatically, they also create new business models such as cryptocurrency ICOs. At present, though, the technology is anything but scalable or autonomous. However, Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Poon may have come up with a solution to this problem, […]

What is MetaMask?

The Ethereum community has been abuzz about a new protocol known as MetaMask. This particular tool brings Ethereum to one’s browser through an available plugin for Google Chrome. It is quite an interesting project, considering MetaMask also allows users to run distributed applications directly in the browser. A very intriguing development, and a good time […]

SAFE Network vs Ethereum

People involved in the world of cryptocurrency for a few years now may have come across the SAFE Network. This project provides a decentralized data storage and communications network, which supports decentralized applications. Some people like to draw parallels between SAFE Network and Ethereum, which is understandable. However, the two are quite different, despite a […]