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Bitcoin Debit Cards: CryptoPay vs Wirex vs Bitwala

Bitcoin debit cards are one of the most convenient ways to spend cryptocurrency for both online and offline purchases. Quite a few companies offer bitcoin debit card services, although there are always vast differences between the service provided. We have taken a look at how CryptoPay, Bitwala, and Wirex compare to one another. 3. CryptoPay […]

BitPay vs Xapo vs CoinsBank

Bitcoin debit cards are one of the most convenient solutions to spend cryptocurrency on all types of purchases. Until bitcoin becomes a mainstream payment method accepted by all merchants, using a cryptocurrency-laden debit card seems to be the next big thing. Quite a few different bitcoin debit cards are available to consumers, though not every […]

Top 6 Countries Where You Can Live on Bitcoin

Contrary to popular belief, it’s certainly possible to live and survive on Bitcoin alone. Do keep in mind that just because it’s possible, does not mean one should expect a comfortable life by any means. Living off the grid on cryptocurrency always requires a tradeoff where comfort is concerned. Using the digital currency directly remains a challenge wherever […]

Indacoin Makes Buying Bitcoin Very Easy In Over 200 Countries

Buying Bitcoin remains one of the biggest hurdles for mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. A lot of people remain mystified by the process, and some even worry over completing any KYC procedures involving identity verification. Indacoin solves a lot of these problems, as they let customers in 200 countries buy Bitcoin without registering an account. Moreover, the […]

Coinbase Introduces Credit and Debit Card Support for Its European Customers

Coinbase is known to capture new markets and introduce new features on a regular basis. Keeping up with the trend, the leading cryptocurrency platform recently announced the inclusion of credit and debit card payments for its European customers. Coinbase’s new offering is influenced by its performance in the home country, United States. In its blog, […]