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There is a growing need for decentralized exchanges in the world of cryptocurrency. Not only do these platforms remove intermediaries from the equation, but they are also less burdened by Know Your Customer and anti-money laundering laws. Most cryptocurrency users just want to exchange value without problems. Whether or not ERC dEXCHANGE will be of great help in […]

What Is EthBooks?

Books are an excellent way to introduce more people to the concept of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Many such books have been written over the past few years. The recent Humble Book Bundle brought a few of these books to the masses at a more-than-affordable price. It turns out there is a new initiative known as EthBooks which […]

What Is Solidified?

While smart contracts are widely considered to be the newest technology to keep an eye on, they are not without their flaws. Indeed, there is a growing demand for auditing of smart contracts. Solidified aims to provide such a service to the cryptocurrency community. Having more platforms focusing on smart contract auditing will elevate the technology to a […]

Remember to Stay Vigilant When Looking at ICOs

Recently, I was encouraged to write an article going over some of the ways to stay safe while buying, selling, and owning cryptocurrencies. This seems especially relevant in the current climate in which numerous ICOs are out there vying for new investor money. While we have written on topics like this before, it is important to both […]

What Is Cosmos?

Although many different blockchains exist to serve different purposes, interoperability between these networks will remain a problematic venture for some time to come. Whether or not Cosmos will be able to make a major impact in this regard remains to be seen. The project is designed to build an internet of blockchains, although that challenge […]

What Is BTCPay Server?

Accepting Bitcoin payments has proven to be quite a difficult venture for a lot of merchants these days. It is unclear why that would be the case, though. After all, there are a lot of merchant service providers people can use to accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. BTCPay Server is a new, free and open-source solution […]

What Is Vega?

It is evident a lot of new cryptocurrency-related funding projects are coming to market as we speak. While not all of these ventures will work out in the end, they show there is plenty of room for exploration of new ideas. For its part, Vega aims to become a decentralized system to manage capital. The main […]

What Is CryptoCribs?

A lot of traditional business models have been disrupted as of late. Cash money is slowly being replaced by payment cards, mobile payments, and cryptocurrency. Booking a hotel? Services like Airbnb make it easy. CryptoCribs is a platform combining the concept of Airbnb with cryptocurrency. Although the site may not look as professional as the real […]

What Is Quantstamp?

Smart contracts are of great interest to a lot of people who want to explore blockchain technology. That isn’t entirely surprising, considering smart contracts have a lot of potential when executed right. Services such as Quantstamp make it easier to secure smart contracts, as that remains somewhat of a problem these days. Whether or not […]

What Is Cerebrum?

Plenty of society’s daily operations could potentially be decentralized now or in the future. Although this concept is still considered to be a niche market, some innovative projects are laying the foundation for a better and more decentralized future. One of those projects goes by the name of Cerebrum, and it focuses on crowd-sourced machine learning. Combining machine […]