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What is GeoCrypto?

There is no shortage of unique ideas in cryptocurrency and blockchain. Marketplace-type projects are especially interesting to individual communities. GeoCrypto is one of those fascinating proposals which will only succeed if enough money is collected. This Monero-oriented marketplace project will introduce some big changes if the fundraising succeeds, though. Geocrypto is a Monero Marketplace Project Creating […]

What is W-Pay?

Liquidity can sometimes be a big problem in cryptocurrency. Trading platforms need ample liquidity to match buyers and seller son both sides of the order book. Bringing more volume to service providers is not an easy feat, but W-Pay may introduce a welcome change. This new service is a payment network, which offers instant global […]

What Is the FBC Bitcoin Trust?

Providing consumers with convenient ways to invest in Bitcoin has proven to be a lucrative business. Various companies already provide such services, but there is always room for additional competition. The FBC Bitcoin Trust is a new Canada-based offering from First Block Capital and FrontFundr. It will provide Canadian residents, traders, investors, and speculators with an easy […]

What Is the Qryptos Exchange?

Earlier this year, QUOINE launched Qryptos, a new cryptocurrency trading platform. Qryptos is a very peculiar exchange which supports many different cryptocurrencies. The platform specializes in listing new coins with negative trading fees to generate initial liquidity. Negative fees are rather uncommon in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges. Qryptos Provides Liquidity in a Different Way Although Qryptos […]

What Is Njalla?

Some big changes are afoot in the domain registrar industry. With registrars being able to shut sites down due to piracy concerns, some people have been looking for ways to prevent this from happening. Njalla is a new service launched by the founder of the Pirate Bay. The service accepts many different types of cryptocurrency payments in […]

What Is the Swap Protocol?

The way we exchange digital assets and cryptocurrencies will undergo some radical changes in the future. In the case of Ethereum, multiple projects are working on this and finding it to be much easier said than done. ConsenSys, a respected entity in the Ethereum development world, has come up with a peer-to-peer exchange protocol known as Swap. […]

What is AML Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is often scrutinized for being pseudonymous. Government officials do not like the fact they cannot directly associate Bitcoin transactions with user identities. Cryptocurrency exchanges perform through KYC and AML checks to ensure all customers are screened. This is why there is now a “new version of Bitcoin,” known as Bitcoin AML. A bit of an […]

What is the Homeland Security Assessment of Terrorist Use of Virtual Currencies Act?

The Department of Homeland Security has an interesting relationship with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. On the one hand, they want to deanonymize users whenever they suspect illegal activity. On the other hand, there is an obvious respect for what this new type of money can bring to the table. The Homeland Security Assessment for Terrorists Use […]

What is EscrowMyEther?

Escrow services are more important than ever in the cryptocurrency world. Up until this point, using an escrow meant trusting a third-party service provider with a human orator. For the world of decentralized cryptocurrencies,  adding a middleman to the equation is not a great solution. EscrowMyEther is an interesting escrow-related project that offers a glimpse […]

What Is Hyperloop?

Advancements in transportation technology have often dramatically redefined modern life. They change how people and goods move, meaning they have direct economic implications as well. Walking and running gave way to carts, horses, and boats, which gave way to trains and automobiles, and now we use planes for international travel and logistics. Looking to the future, […]

What Is the Revive Scaling Solution?

The topic of scaling Bitcoin has been kicked around several dozen times over the past couple years. While the network has finally received its Segregated Witness update, some developers are already looking toward the future. The Revive scaling proposal can be considered the most radical scaling plan for Bitcoin to date. The concept was conceived by researchers at […]

What Is Monero’s Helium Hydra Release?

The Monero ecosystem is set to undergo some big changes over the coming months. A lot of new features and updates have been announced, all of which will have their own impacts. The first release is the Helium Hydra client update. It packs a ton of new features under the hood that will elevate Monero […]

What Is the Cryptocurrency Tax Fairness Act?

Taxation of cryptocurrency has always been a controversial topic. Particularly in the United States, taxation of Bitcoin has been rather problematic at times. A new proposal by US lawmakers seeks a tax exemption for Bitcoin transactions below US$600. This is a pretty intriguing proposal, although it remains to be seen whether or not this idea will […]

What Is Zilliqa?

With so many different blockchain platforms in existence, it has become impossible to keep track of them all. Zilliqa is a new platform that has attracted a lot of attention with a focus on transaction throughput and sharding. Considering how this project has been in development for over two years, expectations are pretty high. It seems this […]