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Harvard Researcher – Based on Moore’s Law Bitcoin Will Hit $100,000

Dennis Porto, a Harvard researcher, has recently told Multiplex founder Brian Roemmele in an interview that based on Moore’s law, bitcoin price will surpass the $100,000 mark. “Bitcoin’s price could hit $100,000 per coin if it continues to follow Moore’s law,” said Porto. Moore’s law, named after Intel co-founder Gorden Moore, refers to the finding […]

GoldMint Offers Gold-Backed Crypto Assets

There are a few projects which are looking to back up cryptocurrency assets with precious metal standards. The idea is that this will help more traditional investors enter the cryptocurrency sphere, since sometimes the idea of a currency only backed by faith in math can put them off. There are also other advantages to having an asset […]

Investors Find Digital Gold to Be More Attractive Than Actual Gold

The” Digital Gold” is in the process of displacing the actual gold from its coveted position as an investment instrument and a store of value. Bitcoin and more recently Ethereum have become the investors’ favorite following their stellar performance. Thanks to the rapid growth of both cryptocurrencies this year, the digital currency market is witnessing […]