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North Korea Targets US Electricity Plants With Spear Phishing Emails

It is evident North Korea poses a massive threat to countries worldwide. The United States is particularly vulnerable to its machinations, although nothing disastrous has transpired just yet. According to FireEye researchers, however, North Korea has already been responsible for attacks on US electric power companies. Most of these attacks involved the use of spear phishing emails, which clearly confirms […]

FireEye Report Confirms North Korean Hackers Continue to Target Bitcoin Exchanges

There are some interesting developments taking place in North Korea right now. It appears state-sponsored hackers are actively targeting South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges these days. It may lead to additional hacks affecting such platforms moving forward. After all, there have been multiple incidents affecting South Korean exchanges throughout 2017. North Korean Hackers Target Bitcoin Exchanges […]

Killer Sex Robots Are a Bigger Threat Than You Think

Sex robots are a very peculiar and worrisome trend in the world of tech. Some people see them as a major threat, whereas others think they will only serve to promote rape culture. Dr. Nick Paterson, a renowned cybersecurity expert, is more concerned about killer sex robots, meaning sex robots that are hijacked and potentially turned by hackers into […]

Firmware Update Prevents Hackers From Remotely Controlling Hoverboards

Segway hoverboards can be a threat to personal safety. Not only are these machines quite prone to people having accidents with them, but there are also plenty of security flaws in the software side. Ninebot -the company responsible for making these hoverboards- had to issue an emergency firmware update to address these issues. Having a hacker remotely […]

How Hackers Stole $7 Million in Ether From Coindash ICO

Coindash is a blockchain company that helps investors manage investments and hedge those investments against other traders. This morning the startup’s token sale was hacked and 7 million dollars’ worth of ether were promptly stolen. The company left a warning on its token funding page advising investors to cease sending funds. Also read: Alphabay Phisher Makes $1 Million in […]

Cipher0007 Breaches phpMyAdmin Area of Sanctuary Darknet Marketplace

Darknet marketplaces attract the attention of both criminals and law enforcement agencies alike. In most cases, these marketplaces will eventually go offline, as they are infiltrated and taken over by a law enforcement agency. However, the Sanctuary darknet marketplace suffered from a different kind of hack. The culprit goes by the name of Cipher0007. Apparently, […]