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Bitcoin Ransomware Education: Defray

A few industries are more prone to cyber attacks than others. Criminals are purposefully targeting the healthcare and education sectors as a way to improve their chances of scoring a big payday. According to Proofpoint researchers, the Defray ransomware family plays a large role in this new wave of attacks. Although there have only been two small attacks […]

Blockchain is the Future of Healthcare

Everything we know about health care can benefit from blockchain technology. Especially when it comes to medical records, sharing patient information, and making data more interoperable. Right now, there are  a lot of intermediaries involved in sharing patient data as very few systems are compatible with one another. The blockchain will effectively create a new […]

Sweat-Inducing Sensor Could Make Blood Samples Obsolete

Like the humans it serves, wearable technology comes in many different shapes and sizes. While most people utilize this technology for comfort or self-tracking, other manufacturers are interested in collecting sensitive body vitals. A new device of this type has been created which stimulates sweat glands on a small patch of one’s skin. This has the looks of […]