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The Legendary Mayor of Vilnius Arturas Zuokas Advises TokenDesk

Arturas Zuokas – the former mayor of Vilnius will be consulting London based blockchain technology firm TokenDesk, as the business works towards the development of the biggest global ICO platform. The main direction of the business is the development of the biggest global ICO platform. Prominent founders The founders of TokenDesk aren’t new players in […]

NewsBTC in Conversation with Marina Titova, VP Business Development

NewsBTC recently got in touch with Marina Titova, Business Developer and ICO project lead of, a decentralized conversational AI for quantified biology. The purpose was to discuss their startup in detail and to know more about their upcoming token sale round. As the conversation began, Titova provided greater insights into their blockchain-based healthcare platform. […]

BitClave CEO Alex Bessonov Discusses the Need for Decentralized Search Platforms

NewsBTC sat with Alex Bessonov, the CEO of BitClave, an upcoming decentralized search engine platform, to discuss its importance in the mainstream world. As we dwelled into a detailed conversation, Alex introduced us to some never-explored-before earning mechanisms within the online ad market. Excerpts from our conversation: Gautham N: What prompted you to launch BitClave? Alex […]

Prime-Ex Perpetual CEO/Co-Founder John Gilbert Discusses Blockchain, Real Estate and Regulation

Technology evangelists have always proposed blockchain as the primary record-keeping management solution for the real estate industry. Many startups – and even governments – have announced to create public registry systems on the top of private ledgers. Prime-Ex Perpetual, at the same time, is a Panama-based startup that has taken the applicability of blockchain in […]

IMMLA Upgrade Multimodal Transportation Industry with Blockchain

The gospel of blockchain is spreading across all the mainstream industries. While new and emerging startups are building new applications on the top of decentralized ledger technology, the established lot has already decided to spend millions of dollars in researching and developing it in line with their enterprises’ goals. In the middle of the blockchain-mania […]

Blackmoon Wants to be the Standard for Legally Compliant Tokenized Funds

Since there are many ICOs and projects in cryptocurrency right now, it is always refreshing to see innovative and industry disruptive ideas. One project called Blackmoon crypto and it is looking to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and the traditional financial market. I caught up with the team to discuss their project and learn a […]

Umbrella Coin Aims to Change the Insurance Industry

It is exciting to hear about cryptocurrency projects disrupting the status quo in many industries and helping consumers save money. One such industry that could use some shaking up is insurance. A project called Umbrella Coin is looking to change the way consumers think about insurance claims. Its goal is to democratize the whole process and provide policyholders with benefits when […]

Belfrics Global Launches Bitcoin Exchange and Payment Gateway in India

As India’s finance watchdogs attempt to create a concrete regulatory framework for the decentralized virtual currencies, the netizens have already embraced Bitcoin and other digital currency assets for trading and remittance purposes. The Bitcoin transaction volume from the Asia’s second largest economy is on its way up, and it is opening up opportunities for many […]

The Rise of Decentralized P2P Crypto-Currency Lending

Cryptocurrency lending is about to boom. Today, crypto-currency lending is a field that does not have a plausible service provider due to the pseudo-anonymous nature of crypto-currency. The underlying issue with crypto-lending is the repayments of loans. How do people that do not know each other trust each other? Trustless lending. ETHLend is a decentralized […]