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IsraByte Malware Destroys Files for Political Reasons

Cybercriminals have been targeting specific communities in recent days. Polski ransomware has mainly targeted Polish users. NotPetya targeted Ukrainians. IsraByte is a new tool designed to make life difficult for Israelis. It is a data wiper disguised as ransomware, making it a highly potent threat. Security researchers came across this malware not too long ago, and it appears […]

Bitcoin Ransomware Education: Polski

Ransomware comes in many different shapes and sizes. Some malware projects try to affect as many people as possible around the world, whereas others target specific communities. Polski ransomware falls into the latter category, and it is clearly designed to threaten Polish computer users. The entire ransom note is written in Polish and will not make much sense to people […]

Konni Malware Targets North Korea

It does not happen all that often that we see an instance of malware targeting North Korea specifically. After all, very little information is known about North Korea and no one wants to touch that powder keg if they can avoid it. Konni is a new type of malware targeting this country specifically, and its Remote Access […]

The CIA’s Aeris Malware Can Exfiltrate Data From Linux Systems

Not a week goes by without WikiLeaks unveiling some more condemning evidence of the CIA’s malware tools. The latest reveal is Aeris, an automated implement which affects many different distributions of the Linux operating system. This particular tool packs quite a lot of features under the hood in an effort to gather as much intelligence as possible. […]

Bitcoin Ransomware Education: SpongeBob 2.0

We have seen multiple versions of Bitcoin ransomware over the past few years. It feels like a new one comes out almost every week, regardless of how successful it is. SpongeBob, the children’s cartoon character, is not something most people would associate with malicious software, but that may soon change. There is now a SpongeBob ransomware in circulation, and […]

Philadelphia RaaS Shows Criminal Services Are Getting More Professional

Over the past few years, we have seen some troublesome evolutions in cybercrime. One of those worrisome trends is known as ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS). A new type of RaaS known as Philadelphia is making a lot of headlines. This particular service is run like a legitimate business, and it even has its very own professional YouTube video. […]

Trickbot Banking Trojan Now Targets Both International and U.S. Banks

Malware often targets specific banks. Trickbot has proven to be a rather strange banking Trojan, as it mainly affects users belonging to a specific bank or financial institution in a particular region. The latest update for this infamous banking Trojan allows developers to target U.S. banks and their customers. The malware has received some upgrades under […]

What is HighRise?

We have seen some interesting revelations by the WikiLeaks team over the years. One of their latest leaks exposes CIA hacking tools. The list of tools is growing alarmingly long. In their new release, WikiLeaks talks about a tool known as HighRise, which is capable of snooping on SMS messages on the Android ecosystem. HighRise is […]