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WaterMiner Is a New Monero Mining Malware Strain

Most people are well aware of the proliferation of malicious Monero mining software and plugins. In most cases, such tools are embedded on various websites. The Pirate Bay, for instance, is doing exactly that. So far, the overall concept of in-browser Monero mining has garnered a very bad reputation. It turns out there is now a new type of malware which […]

Faceliker Facebook Malware Makes a Surprise Comeback

Malware comes in many different shapes and sizes. Although most malware strains have something to do with cryptocurrency in one way or another, Faceliker has proven to be a very different creature altogether. As the name somewhat suggests, this malicious tool is capable of manipulating Facebook likes. It turns out there is a lot more […]

ZNIU Is the First Android Malware to Use Dirty COW

A lot of mobile users are well aware that there are plenty of threats affecting the Android ecosystem right now. One of the newer threats goes by the name of ZNIU, and it is the first case of malware effectively exploiting the Dirty COW vulnerability. This means assailants can carry out a privilege escalation attack to gain root level access and […]

Bitcoin Ransomware Education: InfinityLock

Ransomware developers have to come up with new tricks and features every now and then. That is much easier said than done, however. InfinityLock is one of those malware types that offers some degree of innovation, although it may not be overly successful in the end. More specifically, it doesn’t encrypt files in the background, but […]

Criminals Distribute Banking Trojans Using Facebook’s CDN Servers

It is well known that a lot of malware attacks can be distributed using social media. Clicking on nefarious links or opening attachments sent in direct messages are two somewhat common attack vectors. One particular malware group has taken things to a new level, as it uses Facebook’s content delivery network server to hide banking Trojans. This is a very […]

Another Ukrainian Accounting Software Firm Gets Hacked to Distribute Malware

Multiple companies in Ukraine are preparing for yet another major ransomware outbreak. Earlier this year, the WannaCry and NotPetya outbreaks caused a lot of damage. Both malware types were successfully distributed in the form of a popular accounting software update file, which had the ransomware payload attached to it. Authorities are on high alert now that […]

Cryptocurrency Mining Malware CoinMiner Spreads Using NSA Exploit

Mining cryptocurrency can be extremely profitable, especially if you use someone else’s computer to avoid paying for expensive hardware or electricity. According to Japanese security firm Trend Micro, hackers have created malware known as CoinMiner that uses an exploit developed by the NSA to use victims’ computers to mine cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency Mining Malware According to reports, CoinMiner […]

NEON Developers Refute Claim Regarding NEO Wallet Bug

Fans of the NEO cryptocurrency may have noticed that last week’s uptrend has broken suddenly. In fact, it appears there is a lot of selling pressure across the exchanges supporting NEO. It seems some discussions on Reddit may be influencing the NEO price right now. At least one user has claimed that the NEON wallet changed the address […]

Faketoken Android Malware Can Steal Victims’ Calls, Texts, and Credit Cards

By now, Android users know that they should avoid installing apps from third-party websites and unsolicited download prompts. Those who do not take security seriously end up having to deal with malware that can potentially cost them thousands of dollars. Faketoken, a one-year-old malware strain, recently evolved into a serious security threat, according to Kaspersky Labs. Faketoken […]

What Is the PHP Ransomware Project?

More often than not, people wonder where all of these new ransomware threats keep coming from. One answer is a PHP open-source project called “Ransomware” which can be accessed through GitHub. It is a popular project and one that has been active since early 2016. Researchers believe this GitHub project was developed by an Indonesian hacker who is also a […]

IsraByte Malware Destroys Files for Political Reasons

Cybercriminals have been targeting specific communities in recent days. Polski ransomware has mainly targeted Polish users. NotPetya targeted Ukrainians. IsraByte is a new tool designed to make life difficult for Israelis. It is a data wiper disguised as ransomware, making it a highly potent threat. Security researchers came across this malware not too long ago, and it appears […]