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What is the CoCo Blockchain Framework?

Bringing blockchain technology to the enterprise is a top priority for Microsoft. Other projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sphere are working toward a similar goal. Microsoft’s CoCo Framework for enterprise blockchain networks may very well prove to be a game changer. Microsoft aims to facilitate the adoption of distributed ledger technology in the enterprise sector, […]

Microsoft Fixes Windows Search Vulnerability to Prevent Remote Code Execution

Windows users often find themselves rather annoyed when Microsoft decides to release an update suddenly. Depending on one’s computer settings, these updates may be installed automatically and force a reboot of one’s computer. Some of these updates are more important than others, however. The most recent update is highly important as it fixes a Windows search vulnerability related to addresses […]

Department of Justice Appeals to US Supreme Court Over Foreign Database Access

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) is looking to have the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) overturn a decision that found Microsoft did not need to provide the DOJ with data stored on foreign servers. This decision has been unsuccessfully appealed twice before. What Happened? The DOJ’s appeal was turned down twice partially because […]