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Putin Orders the Issue of Russia’s National Cryptocurrency – the Cryptoruble

Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has reportedly ordered the issue of the national cryptocurrency, the “cryptoruble.” The Russian Minister of Communications and Mass Media has revealed some details of this new currency. Also read: Putin Confirms Russia Will Regulate Cryptocurrencies Putin’s Executive Order Russia’s Minister of Communications and Mass Media, Nikolay Nikiforov, said at a closed meeting […]

Will Russia Push Mining Regulation and Stop Subsidizing Electricity Costs?

The digital currency community in Russia has been facing uncertainty for the last few months due to the government’s passive-aggressive stance toward possible regulation. Now, it seems that despite recent statements condemning cryptocurrencies, bitcoin mining might become a legal endeavor for those who are interested. Bitcoin mining to exit the legal gray area Not long ago, […]

The Pirate Bay Resumes Running In-Browser Javascript Cryptocurrency Miners

The major torrenting website, The Pirate Bay, is reported to again be using cryptocurrency mining scripts on its website. Last month, it was discovered that The Pirate Bay had embedded multiple Monero miners on its website, which the company claimed was being trialed as an alternative revenue model to hosting ads. Also Read: Pirate Bay Founder’s […]