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BTC-e Operator Indicted and Connected With Missing Mt Gox Funds

According to a report revealed by the U.S. Department of Justice, formal charges against Alexander Vinnik are waiting for him on American soil. It seems Vinnik has many money laundering related charges against him and the exchange he allegedly operated — the long standing bitcoin exchange called BTC-e. Also Read: Greek Authorities Arrest Suspected BTC-e Mastermind  ‘BTC-e […]

Sources Say BTC-E Hacked Mt. Gox of $2.21 Billion Bitcoin, WizSec on Official Report

Sources including WizSecurity, bitcoin journalist Kyle Torpey and bitcoin pioneer Charlie Shrem have revealed that a Russian man arrested by Greek authorities for laundering $4 billion through bitcoin exchange BTC-E, is the chief suspect in the Mt. Gox theft which led to a total loss of $2.21 billion. WizSecurity, the original source referred by Kyle […]

Protestors Will Watch Mt Gox CEO Face Criminal Trial This Week

Next week the notorious Mt Gox CEO, Mark Karpeles, will be going to trial for the missing bitcoins lost on the exchange back in 2014. 850,000 BTC was removed from Mt Gox trading platform, and later Karpeles allegedly found 200,000 BTC kept in cold storage. Karpeles will face the Japanese court’s decisions concerning the rest […]

Chainalysis Says They’ve Found the Missing $1.7 Billion Dollar Mt Gox Bitcoins

On June 8 the U.S. House Financial Services Subcommittee on Terrorism and Illicit Finance discussed the possible connection between cryptocurrencies and criminal activity. The hearing also revealed law enforcement officials know the “destination” of the missing 650,000 BTC lost during the Mt Gox insolvency. Also Read: Global Bitcoin ATM Proliferation Nearly Doubled During May Missing […]

Mark Karpeles Open Letter to Coinlab Looks to Settle Lawsuit for $5M

On May 10 reported on how bitcoin’s price rise is slowly bringing the Mt Gox bankruptcy closer to solvency. The former CEO of Mt Gox Mark Karpeles confirmed that the price was helping, but the Coinlab lawsuit was a significant deterrent. Now Karpeles has written an open letter to Coinlab’s founder Peter Vessenes asking […]