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Faketoken Android Malware Can Steal Victims’ Calls, Texts, and Credit Cards

By now, Android users know that they should avoid installing apps from third-party websites and unsolicited download prompts. Those who do not take security seriously end up having to deal with malware that can potentially cost them thousands of dollars. Faketoken, a one-year-old malware strain, recently evolved into a serious security threat, according to Kaspersky Labs. Faketoken […]

Gregory Maxwell Claims the Bitcoin Cash Mining Income is Being Inflated

Ever since Bitcoin Cash was launched, there have been a lot of conflicting reports regarding the adjustable mining difficulty. A new chat log involving Greg Maxwell seemingly indicates how BCH miners can willingly take advantage of this algorithm and ensure they generate a higher amount of coins on demand. That is quite a serious accusation, […]

New 3D Printed Material Makes Future Homes More Energy Efficient

3D printing is one of those technologies most people do not think about everyday. It is still a niche market among consumers. Researchers and scientists use large-scale 3D printers to produce innovative solutions from which everyone can benefit. Dutch researchers recently came up with a way to potentially change the way houses are built years from now. […]