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Bitcoin Market Notes: FOMC Reaction and Western Union

Amid earnings season and FOMC announcements, financial markets provided a series of important data points yesterday. While bitcoin’s price remained mostly rangebound, its interaction with the broader financial markets illustrated the increasing impact of macroeconomic events on bitcoin markets. Outside of digital currencies specifically, the latest earnings announcement from Western Union highlighted the regulatory difficulties […]

Analyzing Bitcoin’s Break Through $200

Update, October 24: The bitcoin markets experienced a dramatic price correction over the past few hours. As our readers are aware, the latest drop was in line with historical expectations. We pointed out yesterday that “maintaining 0.3 or greater price velocity for two or more consecutive days has historically been met with a significant correction shortly […]

TGB 3Q Review & 4Q Outlook Now Available

The third quarter of 2013 proved to be one of significant transition for bitcoin. After the remarkable increase in bitcoin’s price and public notoriety earlier this year, the last three months have provided a much-needed regrouping period. New information about issues at existing exchanges became available and dozens more have or will soon come online. […]

Analysis of Silk Road’s Historical Impact on Bitcoin

Silk Road, the online drug bazaar that has eluded authorities and been ingrained in the bitcoin narrative for years, was shut down yesterday. Ross Ulbricht was named in the court documents outlining Silk Road’s activities, as were a number of key data points that offer insights into the impact the world’s most infamous retail website […]

How Bitcoin Can Save Publishing

Publishing has evolved drastically over the past two decades, proving to be one of the industries most disrupted by the advent and proliferation of the internet. Ever-lower barriers to entry for new participants have led to more competition for publishers, as well as more noise for consumers. The result has been a broad decline in […]

Bitcoin Securities Exchange BTC-TC Shutters $12M Operations, Cites Regulatory Environment

BTC Trading Corp (BTC-TC) announced that it will close all trading by October 7, two weeks from today. BTC-TC is one of the largest bitcoin securities exchanges, responsible for 101,000 BTC ($12M) in deposited securities and 2,900 BTC ($350K) in daily volume. The company’s notice cited “recent changes in the virtual currency regulatory environment” as […]

BitPagos Uses Merchant Processing To Bring Bitcoin To Argentina

Argentina’s currency troubles have been well documented for years. With inflation between 10 and 11% per year for most of the past decade, Argentinians have actively looked to subvert the country’s strict capital controls and obtain alternative stores of value. Historically, that has meant underground dealing in USD and EUR, but more recently has led […]

Gliph Raises $200,000 To Expand Secure Messaging And Bitcoin Features

Gliph, a secure messaging application with bitcoin integration, announced today that they recently secured $200,000 in funding, led by Tim Draper. Gliph is one of seven companies with a heavy focus on bitcoin in the latest Accelerator class. Boost’s Demo Day is today, offering companies from the program an opportunity to present to an […]