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North Korea Targets US Electricity Plants With Spear Phishing Emails

It is evident North Korea poses a massive threat to countries worldwide. The United States is particularly vulnerable to its machinations, although nothing disastrous has transpired just yet. According to FireEye researchers, however, North Korea has already been responsible for attacks on US electric power companies. Most of these attacks involved the use of spear phishing emails, which clearly confirms […]

Could North Korea Be Harbouring an Army of Crypto-Hackers?

Strong evidence is emerging that an elite team of hackers operating out of Pyongyang are stealing Bitcoin. It’s thought that the totalitarian nation is hoping to negate the effect of recent global trade embargos levied against them. As the UN sanctions tighten around the rogue state, it seems North Korea is turning to cybercrime to […]

FireEye Report Confirms North Korean Hackers Continue to Target Bitcoin Exchanges

There are some interesting developments taking place in North Korea right now. It appears state-sponsored hackers are actively targeting South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges these days. It may lead to additional hacks affecting such platforms moving forward. After all, there have been multiple incidents affecting South Korean exchanges throughout 2017. North Korean Hackers Target Bitcoin Exchanges […]

North Korea Targets South Korean Bitcoin Companies

North Korea has been in the news a lot recently, mostly for its leader’s continued and heightened threats against the United States and its allies. In response, the United Nations universally adopted new sanctions – with backing from China – against the hermit kingdom. The DPRK swiftly ramped up its rhetoric, and may have also performed cyberattacks against South […]

Konni Malware Targets North Korea

It does not happen all that often that we see an instance of malware targeting North Korea specifically. After all, very little information is known about North Korea and no one wants to touch that powder keg if they can avoid it. Konni is a new type of malware targeting this country specifically, and its Remote Access […]

Nepal Joins Cadre of Communist Countries Who Seek to Stifle Local Bitcoin Adoption

Nepal has emphasized the need to develop a legal framework for monitoring Bitcoin and other ‘informal channeling of funds’ during recent budget and tax announcements, joining a number of communist societies that are seeking to control the use of bitcoin. Also Read: Tealet is Decentralizing the Tea Industry with Bitcoin Nepal Hosts One of the World’s […]