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Obsidian’s Use of C# Based Stratis to Empower the OSM Ecosystem

Obsidian Inc., the company behind the revolutionary Obsidian Platform, is putting cryptocurrency’s underlying blockchain technology to good use by creating a communications system. The system, Obsidian Secure Messenger (OSM) allows users to send and receive messages over a highly secure protocol with assured privacy and secrecy. The creators of OSM have built the platform over […]

Obsidian Gains the Attention of Mainstream Investors as It Focuses on Strategic Partnerships

The applications of blockchain technology are virtually endless and the decentralized platform, Obsidian is implementing the same technology to facilitate secure online communication. The platform, currently in the process of raising an investment through the ongoing ICO has already gained the attention of cryptocurrency as well as mainstream investment community for its capabilities. The Obsidian […]

Obsidian Blockchain Messaging Platform Promotes Privacy and Secrecy

Privacy and security have become a rarity in the recent times as users of the internet, and other online applications are under constant threat of being compromised by the hackers or eavesdropped by government agencies. Many times hackers have made use of illegally gotten private information to compromise computers, emails, social media, bank accounts and […]