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Chinese Scientists “Roll Back” Human Embryo DNA to Remove Genetic Diseases

In life, there are certain topics most people would rather avoid discussing. When it comes to performing surgery on human embryos, a lot of people would rather not give it a second thought. However, Chinese researchers may have found a way to remove diseases before a person is even properly born. It is a major breakthrough […]

Scientists Create Bacteria-Laden Fabric Capable of Evaporating Sweat

Scientific developments come in many strange and unusual forms. One particular team of researchers has successfully used bacteria to ventilate sweaty clothing. It is an interesting development many people will appreciate. Then again, does anyone want to run around with a shirt full of bacteria to begin with? The answer to that question remains unknown for […]

Australia Deploys Drones to Monitor Shark Activity

Drone technology can be used in many different ways. In fact, a lot of scientific research teams are working with this technology to conduct various environmental experiments. One of those experiments utilizes drones to monitor and detect shark activity across Australia’s shores. It has the potential to save lives in the long run. Australia’s coasts are notorious for […]

Scientists Develop Nanochip That Turns Skin Into Brain Cells

The wonders of modern science know no bounds. Scientists in the U.S. have managed to grow brain cells from skin cells. They are now using tissue nanotransfection — also known as TNT — to grow brain cells on human skin. As a result, the skin can perform different functions, including boosting one’s cognitive abilities. Tissue Nanotransfection is […]

Turkey To Remove Evolution from Biology Textbooks

The Turkish Education Ministry has decided to remove evolution from biology textbooks and the curriculum of 9th graders. This backwards move has been received very poorly by many, and it is an example of a world that seems increasingly hostile to science and facts. If You Disagree With a Fact, Discredit It as Opinion The […]