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IsraByte Malware Destroys Files for Political Reasons

Cybercriminals have been targeting specific communities in recent days. Polski ransomware has mainly targeted Polish users. NotPetya targeted Ukrainians. IsraByte is a new tool designed to make life difficult for Israelis. It is a data wiper disguised as ransomware, making it a highly potent threat. Security researchers came across this malware not too long ago, and it appears […]

Researchers Discover Spyware-Laden Telegram Android App Clones

The Android ecosystem has been targeted often by cybercriminals these past few months. Dozens of applications have been removed from the Google Play Store due to malicious code. It now appears a whole new batch of spyware-laden Android apps have been discovered. At least three problematic apps were identified, although there may be more creations still out there from […]

Largest DDoS-For-Hire Service Admins Arrested and Charged in Israel

According to BleepingComputer, Israeli authorities recently charged two 19-year-olds for running the largest DDoS-for-hire service platform at the time it went down in autumn of last year, known as vDos. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks essentially attempt to take an online service down by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. They are so common […]

Obsidian Gains the Attention of Mainstream Investors as It Focuses on Strategic Partnerships

The applications of blockchain technology are virtually endless and the decentralized platform, Obsidian is implementing the same technology to facilitate secure online communication. The platform, currently in the process of raising an investment through the ongoing ICO has already gained the attention of cryptocurrency as well as mainstream investment community for its capabilities. The Obsidian […]

Alleged Distributor of NotPetya Ransomware Arrested in Ukraine

The NotPetya ransomware attack has caused damages on a global scale. No country was more affected than Ukraine, which is home to many ransomware types discovered throughout 2017. Local police officials have arrested a 51-year old man on suspicion of spreading the ransomware known as NotPetya. Although the arrest took place nearly a week ago, the […]

New Locky Diablo6 Ransomware Variant Could Become a Major Threat

Locky ransomware has proven to be a persistent form of malware continuing to make headlines regularly. We have now seen yet another major distribution campaign for Locky targeting computer users all over the world. It remains to be seen whether this will be a permanent trend or just a brief attack. The latest variant of this notorious malware […]

Microsoft Fixes Windows Search Vulnerability to Prevent Remote Code Execution

Windows users often find themselves rather annoyed when Microsoft decides to release an update suddenly. Depending on one’s computer settings, these updates may be installed automatically and force a reboot of one’s computer. Some of these updates are more important than others, however. The most recent update is highly important as it fixes a Windows search vulnerability related to addresses […]

Konni Malware Targets North Korea

It does not happen all that often that we see an instance of malware targeting North Korea specifically. After all, very little information is known about North Korea and no one wants to touch that powder keg if they can avoid it. Konni is a new type of malware targeting this country specifically, and its Remote Access […]

Vandalized Street Signs Alter Behavior of Self-Driving Vehicles

Self-driving cars are the future of automotive technology. Although these vehicles are well programmed, they are still prone to issues and trickery. A team of eight researchers successfully altered street signs to confuse self-driving cars. The cars’ internal software wrongfully classified the signs and consequently made bad decisions. Self-Driving Cars Are Not Immune to Error One aspect of self-driving cars that makes them so […]