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Rogue Silk Road Agent Admits to Stealing Bitcoins Seized by U.S. Marshals

Back in 2015 two rogue U.S. Secret Service agents, Shaun Bridges and Carl Mark Force, were caught and sentenced to prison for stealing funds while investigating the first high profile darknet market the Silk Road. Now according to reports, Shaun Bridges plead guilty on August 15 for moving 1,600 bitcoins of seized bitcoins confiscated by federal […]

Law Enforcement Takes Down the Biggest Darknet Market on the Deep Web

According to various reports the largest online marketplace located on the deep web, Alphabay, was seized by International law enforcement. Also read: August 1 and the Potential Disruption of the Bitcoin Network The Biggest Darknet Market on the Deep Web Has Been Shut Down By International Authorities On July 11 reported on the Alphabay darknet […]

Ross Ulbricht Transferred to Another Location Without Warning

Ross Ulbricht, the alleged `Dread Pirate Roberts´, was suddenly transferred to another location on Thursday. The move happened without warning or notice. Family members went to pay him a visit, and they discovered he was no longer at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York.  Also read: Polish Authorities Issue Sweeping Condemnation of Bitcoin and Other […]

South Korea to Dispose of 216 Bitcoins in First Public Auction

The South Korean government will hold its first public auction of bitcoins that were seized from criminal proceeds, according to local publications. In doing so, the economic value of bitcoin will be recognized by the country for the first time. Also read: Why South Korean Bitcoin Adoption Could Outpace Most Other Countries This Year Korean Government’s […]

The Hidden Reason Behind Bitcoin’s Increasing Fees: Darknet Mixers

Just recently a darknet marketplace (DNM) vendor who details he’s been involved with the bitcoin industry for five years, says the rising fee market is caused by marketplace mixers that process multiple transactions at a time. The vendor details that DNM sales using these mixers are forcing him and many others to pay for 50 transactions […]

Ulbricht Loses Appeal

Two years after the darknet market Silk Road launched, the FBI shut it down, and seized the Bitcoin funds of sellers and buyers that were held there. They proceeded to arrest the person they felt was the owner and founder, Ross William Ulbricht. Ulbricht’s pseudonym on the site’s forums was “Dread Pirate Roberts” or “DPR” for […]