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Bitcoin Cash Price Surges Past $500 Thanks to Insatiable Demand From South Korea

Various cryptocurrencies are getting their fair share of the upward momentum as we speak. Although most people don’t look beyond the Bitcoin price, there are plenty of other currencies and digital assets to take into account as well. Bitcoin Cash, for example, is going through a much-needed uptrend as we speak. After nearly a full […]

Fork Watch: Korean Bitcoin Exchanges Divided on ‘Bitcoin Cash’

Bitcoin exchanges in South Korea have been preparing for the planned user-activated hard fork (UAHF) on August 1. Some have announced their support for Bitcoin Cash (BCC), the new cryptocurrency that is expected to result from the event, while others have not yet decided. Also read: South Korea Legalizes Bitcoin International Transfers, Challenging Traditional Banks The […]

Publicly Listed South Korean Company Building Global Network of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

A South Korean company listed on Kosdaq, the trading board of Korea Exchange, has announced the launch of its own bitcoin exchange and a plan to build a global network of cryptocurrency exchanges. Coinlink will be the country’s first bitcoin exchange run by a Kosdaq-listed company. Also read: Six Legal Issues Bitcoin Faces in South Korea […]

South Korea Legalizes Bitcoin International Transfers, Challenging Traditional Banks

Starting next week, Bitcoin will be on the approved list of technologies that can move payments across the South Korean border. Fintech companies in the country will be able to obtain a permit allowing them to legally offer Bitcoin international transfer services. Also read: South Korea Sets Up Task Force to Determine if Bitcoin Needs Regulations […]