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Viberate continues to tread on its path towards the end game – that is to offer any musician on the planet the opportunity to open a profile for free and start offering gigs to event organizers in exchange for crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ether, or their very own Vibe. Viberate’s co-founder UMEK talks about […]

Linda Cryptocoin Launched with a Promise of Better ROI

A Dogecoin-like Scrypt cryptocoin has been announced with a promise of better return on investment. Linda, a sweetly and beautifully titled cryptocurrency, proposes to offer over 70% of pure PoS block reward phase and 99% APR, which is favorable for investment. The bullish aspects attached to Linda is huge, for the coin has attractive features. […]

LAToken takes crypto economy to multitrillion dollar markets

This week Bitcoin hit a record high of $4,480, and its market capitalization reached as high as $73.5 billion, within touching distance of major stocks like Adobe and Netflix. If bitcoin was a stock, it would have already passed the market capitalization of Paypal. There are already dozens of cryptocurrencies worth eight figures, and the birth […]

Jon Matonis Joins First Global Credit’s AICoin ICO Investment Board

Jon Matonis, the founding member of Bitcoin Foundation has recently been announced to be the part of First Global Credit’s AlCoin ICO startup investment board. AlCoin is the world’s first tokenized investment collective and the first passive investment project. AlCoin is not the token developed for crowdfunding of the start-ups. Rather, it is the unique […]

VIBEHub Blends Virtual and Augmented Reality with Blockchain

Blockchain, the underlying technology supporting Bitcoin network has grown beyond everyone’s imagination. The technology has gained widespread adoption across industries and the limits of which is being pushed further by the likes of VIBEHub. The platform is implementing the blockchain technology in Virtual Reality, by creating the world’s first decentralized marketplace and hub. Virtual Reality […]

Paxful Experiences a Two-Fold Growth in Volumes as It Strives to Become a Universal Money Translator

Paxful is a peer to peer Bitcoin marketplace that is on its way to make buying and selling bitcoin easier for the global cryptocurrency community. The platform, created by two friends, Artur and Ray, offers a safe and secure option for people to buy bitcoin with plenty of available payment options. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies […]

TokenStars to Launch the ICO on August 24

Tokenstars, a blockchain based platform aimed towards supporting celebrities and athletes, has announced that it will be launching its crowdsale on August 24, 2017. Tokenstars is the first ever blockchain company that tokenizes talent development. Its first project, the ACE token crowdsale, has been recently announced, as mentioned above. The platform is looking forward to […]

Paxful Promotes Bitcoin Adoption Through its P2P Crypto-Market

The Bitcoin ecosystem still has left a lot to be desired. As the adoption rate continues to grow at a slow pace, there is a genuine need to simplify the process of buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, both online and offline. Paxful, a Delaware based cryptocurrency startup has recognized the challenges currently faced by people […]

eToro’s Cryptocurrency Tracker: Daily Market Summary for Casual Traders

eToro, the multi-asset brokerage and social trading platform which provides bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading services to its millions of users, has introduced an efficient method of assisting beginner and casual traders within the cryptocurrency space. In its blog, eToro provides the daily cryptocurrency tracker, an extensive analysis article published on a daily basis to outline […]