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NEO Completes Rebranding; Announces Blockchain Partnerships

On June 22, Bitcoin Magazine reported that Antshares was embarking on a new rebranding strategy as part of its effort to lead blockchain development in China and around the world.Now, on August 8, NEO Blockchain, China’s first original public chain project, has announced the completion of rebranding efforts from its former Antshares identity. Furthermore, NEO […]

Finding Blockchain-Based Security Solutions for the 3D Printing Economy

3D printing promises no less than the possibility to treat the physical world of atoms like the virtual world of bits, allowing users to “email” all sorts of physical objects — that is, they can send validated specs to be 3D printed by a recipient with one click.In 3D printing, or “additive manufacturing,” successive layers […]

A New Era of Content Publishing and Licensing on the Blockchain

The internet and social media have unleashed unprecedented access to information. The time between content creation and widespread publication has become vanishingly small. Along with this ease of access and sharing, however, comes a lack of control over one’s own content. With a few clicks, content can be republished without reference to its original source, […]

How Airbitz Hopes to Keeps Bitcoin Decentralized on Mobile Wallets

Airbitz is one of the more popular mobile bitcoin wallets among those who believe in the digital asset’s core tenet of decentralization. Recently, Bitcoin Magazine caught up with Airbitz CEO Paul Puey to get his thoughts on preserving Bitcoin’s decentralization in a smartphone environment.“Decentralization has always been a key goal of our wallet, but of […]