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Stratis Team Releases Alpha Version of the Breeze Wallet

The Breeze Wallet developed by the Stratis team has already excited cryptocurrency enthusiasts. However, it has taken a while for an alpha version to get introduced to the public. That situation has now changed, and an alpha version of the Breeze Wallet is now available to all users. This wallet comes with TumbleBit technology and utilizes Stratis blockchain technology under […]

Obsidian’s Use of C# Based Stratis to Empower the OSM Ecosystem

Obsidian Inc., the company behind the revolutionary Obsidian Platform, is putting cryptocurrency’s underlying blockchain technology to good use by creating a communications system. The system, Obsidian Secure Messenger (OSM) allows users to send and receive messages over a highly secure protocol with assured privacy and secrecy. The creators of OSM have built the platform over […]

Stratis Launches Alpha Version of Privacy-Focused Wallet Breeze

This past week the Stratis team launched an alpha version of the Breeze wallet, a platform that aims to leverage the privacy-focused Tumblebit technology. Also read: Breeze Bitcoin Wallet to Deploy Production-Ready Tumblebit  Stratis Releases Alpha Version of the Privacy-Focused Breeze Wallet Back in March reported on the announcement of Breeze wallet as the […]

What is Stratis?

There are many different and exciting cryptocurrency-oriented projects out there. Although it is impossible to highlight them all, some concepts pique our interest. Stratis is one of those projects, even though we have highlighted some of its features already. However, it appears a lot of people are still confused over what Stratis brings to the […]

Early Version of Tumblebit-Enabling Hiddenwallet Released

The first release of Hiddenwallet was announced on Sunday. Its Gibhub page describes the wallet as a “privacy focused, full block downloading SPV Bitcoin wallet with Tumblebit support.” Also read: Breeze Bitcoin Wallet to Deploy Production-Ready Tumblebit Anonymizer First Release of Hiddenwallet The release was announced on Sunday by Tumblebit developer Adam Ficsor. He said: I […]