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Improved Solar Cell Technology Makes Solar Panels More Efficient, Regardless of Their Angle

Solar panels are one of the most intriguing aspects of technology today. More specifically, researchers and scientists all over the world are looking for new ways to make existing solar panels more efficient, cheaper, and appealing to the masses. As it turns out, there is a new type of solar cell which was primarily inspired by […]

Intel Plans to Make Driverless Cars Free of Blame From Accidents

There is another major development in the world of driverless cars on the horizon. A recent announcement by Intel will not go over well with the general public, though; that much is a foregone conclusion. The company claims to have developed a system which ensures that self-driving vehicles can’t cause accidents. That’s a very bold claim […]

California-Based Small Farm Uses Robots to Grow Crops

Robots come in many different shapes and sizes. They will one day serve a whole slew of purposes, most of which will not result in job losses whatsoever. Particularly in the agricultural sector, robots can prove to be valuable allies. One farm in San Carlos, California is letting robots grow crops as of right now. It is […]

Seabins Clean the Ocean Surface by Removing Plastic and Cigarette Butts

If it were not for the human race, the ocean wouldn’t be littered with so much trash. Thankfully, some members of our species are actively working on a solution to ensure this problem gets solved sooner rather than later. Over in the United Kingdom, the nation’s first seabin has been installed. When fully operational, this contraption will […]

North Korea Targets US Electricity Plants With Spear Phishing Emails

It is evident North Korea poses a massive threat to countries worldwide. The United States is particularly vulnerable to its machinations, although nothing disastrous has transpired just yet. According to FireEye researchers, however, North Korea has already been responsible for attacks on US electric power companies. Most of these attacks involved the use of spear phishing emails, which clearly confirms […]

New Technology Analyzes Fingerprints to Determine Alcohol and Substance Use

Human fingerprints have proven to be a substantial and reliable source of information. While most people assume these can only be used to identify individuals, the use cases of fingerprints go a lot farther. New research shows how fingerprints can be used to determine one’s sex, alcohol consumption, food ingestion, and drug use. This is a […]

Things Aren’t Looking Good for Internet Rights

It makes me rather sad how often I have to write articles like this, but it is important to remember that Internet rights are still under attack. The FCC and Ajit Pai are still angling to remove net neutrality, and on a different front, new legislation has been proposed which may officially legalize spying on […]

Alphabet’s Project Loon Will Help Restore Cell Service in Puerto Rico

Technology enthusiasts may recall that Google has been experimenting with a concept known as Project Loon. This initiative would effectively bring internet connectivity to rural regions of the world through the use of hot air balloons. It now appears this technology will be used in Puerto Rico as a way to restore cell phone services after […]

Elon Musk May Rebuild Puerto Rico’s Power Grid

Recently, Puerto Rico was hit by a devastating hurricane. The natural disaster crippled the island’s infrastructure, and relief efforts have not been able to respond quickly enough. Even weeks on from the actual storm, many are still without potable water, homes, and electricity. Entrepreneur and visionary Elon Musk recently floated the idea of helping the […]