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CLOUT – The Home of Crypto, Launches Into PRE-ICO and Announces New Key Team Members

CLOUT is an online platform that will unify the cryptocurrency community, providing investors and enthusiasts alike a home, and one stop shop for all things crypto. CLOUT is the solution to the problem that all people in the cryptocurrency space are currently experiencing; there is no one reliable resource that is dedicated to high quality […]

Snovio Brings Blockchain to Implement an Innovative Approach to Lead Generation and Sourcing

Snovio, a lead generation and sourcing platform, announces its Token Sale starting 3 October 2017 to raise $15 million to make a pivot towards the innovation the lead generation market needs. Snovio Minimum Viable Product Snovio released the platform’s beta version in April 2017. Since that time, Snovio has built the database of 400,000 unique […]

Maecenas is Offering the Finest Art to Everyone Through Their ART Token

Tokenization, or the digitizing of assets into portion-ownership tokens, is growing in popularity. Platforms without a centralized hub create a way for investors to group funds and buy art that are tangible and which are beyond their price point in other settings. Maecenas, the new Ethereum platform designed for investment in pieces of art through […]

Mysterium Network – Decentralized VPN

Today people are looking for security and privacy when they are in an Internet environment. The situation has changed and now people are beginning to look after these topics. Is there any solution? Thanks to the boom of blockchain technology,  we have new ways to protect ourselves such as a decentralized VPN network where no intermediary […]

Confideal Announces the Release of Their Smart Constructor and the Launch of the Crowdsale Campaign

Confideal is a new multifunctional escrow platform powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. After smashing the pre-ICO and raising a sum of 650,000 USD Confideal’s team has announced the launch of their smart contract constructor that simplifies the contract creation process, making the platform accessible to the commercial market. The smart contract constructor application allows users […]

Rhea – a Hybrid Crypto-Equity Token

Rhea is a revolutionary crypto-equity hybrid token. Our main mission is to create a clear synergy between the worlds of finance and cryptocurrencies. Through the Rhea Crypto20 – our capitalization weighted index, we will enable multiple ways of hedging, speculating and investing in the cryptocurrency market without holding any individual currency. The Rhea token will […]

Bitfinex Drops US Customers

Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex has just announced that it is pulling out of the US retail market due to the challenging regulatory climate. US customers have approximately 90 days to discontinue all trading, and US holders of ethereum ERC20 tokens have only 5 days to stop trading them on the exchange. Also read: Bitfinex Enables Bitcoin Cash […]

What is ScamToken?

Cryptocurrency ICOs are a convenient method for projects to raise money and create their own native currencies. In a lot of cases, these native tokens are not necessary and could easily be replaced with existing cryptocurrencies. Some enterprising individuals have decided to make tokens to illustrate how ridiculous the ICO market has become. SCAM is a new token which should not be […]

Viabtc Launching Bitcoin Cash Token and Mining Pool for Bitcoin ABC

Major mining pool and bitcoin exchange Viabtc has announced the launch of their new mining pool designed for “Bitcoin Cash” (BCC). These tokens are the result of plans to hard fork Bitcoin and run the Bitcoin ABC client. Also read: Segwit2x Beta Released and New UAHF Code Proposal `ABC´ Removes 1MB-Limit Viabtc Introduces the Bitcoin […]


 15th July, Shanghai, China, From the founder of Huiyin Blockchain Venture comes the latest innovation in the cryptocurrency ecosystem – Exchange Union Coin [XUC] – a cross-exchange trading token to improve functionality, efficiency and standards of customer service for the digital currency community. XUC bridges digital currency exchanges around the world to enable cross-exchange trading, […]

Kik Messsenger’s Kin Digital Currency – What We Know So Far

The new Kik messaging app is generating quite the buzz across social media platforms. That is only normal, as instant messaging apps have become incredibly popular these past few years. Kik will also create its own native digital currency, which is called Kin. This particular concept has piqued a lot of people’s interest, thus it […]