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Chinese Analyst: ”Bitcoin Nuclear Bomb In New Currency War Between China and USA”

Xiao Lei, a Chinese financial analyst, has published an article that seeks to argue that the spheres of bitcoin and cryptocurrency are increasingly becoming a battleground in “a new currency” war between China and the United States. Despite some bitcoin users describing Lei’s views as conspiratorial, the article has garnered significant attention after becoming recommended […]

DOE Exploring Development of Blockchain-Based Energy Grid

At this time, numerous institutions and businesses are actively exploring the potential of blockchain networks, with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), part of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), being the latest to join the blockchain race. Announcement made to Senate Commission According to recent reports, the national laboratory has begun actively exploring the potential […]

Julian Assange Thanks U.S. Government for 50,000% Gains on Wikileaks’ Bitcoin Holdings

The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, has posted a tweet thanking United States government officials and the financial institutions that refused services to Wikileaks for driving them to invest in bitcoin during 2010. Assange’s tweet indicates that Wikileaks’ bitcoin holdings have seen gains of over 50,000%. Also Read: Your Bitcoins Open to CIA and Criminals, Heed […]

Greek Court Supports Extradition of Former BTC-E Operator Alexander Vinnik

A Greek court has ruled in favor of extraditing the alleged former operator of BTC-e, Alexander Vinnik, to the United States. Vinnik was arrested by authorities late July 2017, and stands accused of masterminding a $4 billion money-laundering ring through the cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e. Also Read: BTC-E Rebrands to Wex Exchange — Claims to Be AML/KYC […]

Japan Approved 11 Bitcoin Exchanges and Chinese Traders Demonstrate Why

In the upcoming months, the Chinese government’s imposition of a nationwide ban on local cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms could backfire if the government, People’s Bank of China (PBoC), and the country’s financial regulators do not resume cryptocurrency trading activities. Last week, in an interview with South China Morning Post, a Chinese cryptocurrency trader operating […]

The US Government Wants Bitcoin Exchanges to Apply for Bank Status

According to Michael del Castillo, a cryptocurrency journalist, Acting Comptroller of the Currency Keith Noreika is open to bitcoin companies, exchanges, and trading platforms applying to gain regulated bank status within the US. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, an independent bureau within the United States Department of the Treasury, is a US […]

US and Russia Team up to Build a Lunar Space Station

Russia and the United States are not on friendly terms much of the time. There has historically been a lot of political tension between both superpowers, and that situation may not change anytime soon. However, both countries are now collaborating to build the moon’s first space station. It’s an interesting idea, even though it remains to be seen […]