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Bitcoin Breaks $5,000 and Reaches New All-Time High

Bitcoin has been struggling over the last couple of weeks, with considerable volatility influencing the value of the cryptocurrency. However, thanks to rising investor interest, another rally occurred Thursday morning which pushed Bitcoin to a new all-time high. Bitcoin hits all-time high of $5,144 The newest all-time high according to CoinDesk is well above the previous ATH of US$5,013 reached back […]

Art Value Fork 2017

Or how blasphemously Bitcoin is like Contemporary Art? “Beginning of a New Era” from the Veena Malik project Do you remember the first time your eyes opened to the real value of Bitcoin and the self-evident evolution of the mainstream money system? Remember how you wanted to tell everyone about it and how it was […]

Euro Pacific Precious Metals Embraces Bitcoin

Long-time Bitcoin skeptic Peter Schiff is embracing the future of cryptocurrency as a valuable form of payment. Late last year Schiff made his skepticism known when comparing the value of bitcoin to gold. He was very outspoken towards this view, but this news makes it seems that his outlook may have changed and is now […]

A Quick History of Cryptocurrencies BBTC — Before Bitcoin

This guest post by Ian Grigg is reprinted with permission from Before Bitcoin, there was cryptocurrency. Indeed, it has a long and deep history. If only for the lessons learned, it is worth studying, and indeed, in my ABC of Bitcoin investing, I consider not knowing anything before Satoshi’s paper as a red flag. […]

Searching for the True Value of a Bitcoin

This was written by Vinny Lingham , the CEO and co-founder of and originally posted at As Bitcoin stabilizes below $500 for the first time since its eye-popping run to over $1,000 in November 2013, many crypto pundits are scratching their heads and trying to make sense of the current weakness — especially given the excitement & […]