Attention Bitcoin Traders: $20 is About to Fall!

Looking at the Mt.Gox USD market depth, it is clearly evident that the $20 barrier is about to fall as Bitcoin surges toward the all-time high of $31/BTC. The Mt.Gox Live picture says it all: (Chart courtesy of Mt.Gox Live) Taking a wider view…

A Second Look at OKPAY, Bitcoin’s Largest Payment Processor

In November of 2011, I announced the arrival of OKPAY onto the Bitcoin scene, which at the time was seen as a huge step toward the consumer popularisation of Bitcoin. OKPAY was, and still is, the first well-established payment processor to integra…

Jon Matonis – Government Ban On Bitcoin Would Fail Miserably

Jon Matonis – Government Ban On Bitcoin Would Fail Miserably: Forbes contributor and Bitcoin Foundation (@BTCFoundation) board member Jon Matonis (@JonMatonis) considers the impact a government ban on Bitcoin would have on the fledgling currency.  Excerpts: “The demand for an item, in this case digital cash with user-defined levels of privacy, does not simply evaporate […]

Bitcoin Hits Bloomberg and the Front Page of ZeroHedge

Mainstream much? A big day for Bitcoin today, as articles about the currency have hit both Bloomberg and ZeroHedge. Bloomberg’s article was entitled, “Bitcoin’s Gains May Fuel Central Bank Concerns,” while ZeroHedge, with their usual panache, spun the Bloomberg article into, “Is The ECB Responsible For The Second Coming Of Bitcoin?” The two articles reference […]

Bloomberg CHART OF THE DAY – Bitcoin

Bloomberg CHART OF THE DAY – Bitcoin : Today’s CHART OF THE DAY covers Bitcoin’s increase in the exchange rate.  Excerpts from a corresponding article by Max Raskin (@MaxRaskin) on Bloomberg: “Bitcoin has more than doubled in the past 12 months, strengthening to $16.37 from $5.88.”-“Greater demand for virtual currencies could have a negative impact […]

Bitcoin Casinos Release 2012 Earnings

By Jon Matonis Forbes Tuesday, January 22, 2013 It is earnings season on Wall Street and it is reporting season for some of the leading bitcoin casino operators. Three significant Bitcoin-related gambling sites have reported their earnings and statistics for calendar year 2012. Some of the data is fairly revealing giving us a fascinating glimpse […]

Bitcoin: The $200 Million Currency, Once Again

On January 24th, Bitcoin broke through $19.00, a price not paid for a Bitcoin since July of 2011. Over 24 hours, 160,000 Bitcoins traded hands on the Mt.Gox USD market alone, while traders attempted to seek out a new valuation for the increasingly po…

Jon Matonis – Bitcoin Casinos Release 2012 Earnings

Jon Matonis – Bitcoin Casinos Release 2012 Earnings: Forbes contributor and Bitcoin Foundation (@BTCFoundation) board member Jon Matonis (@JonMatonis) shares some details from leading online gaming services where bitcoins are used as the currency.  Excerpts: “SatoshiDice reported first year earnings from wagering at an impressive ฿33,310. During the year, players bet a total of ฿1,787,470 […]

BitPay Surpasses 10,000 Bitcoin Merchant Transactions, Zero Cases of Payment Fraud

ATLANTA — January 22, 2013 — BitPay, Inc, the world leader in bitcoin payment processing, has successfully processed more than 10,000 bitcoin payments for their merchants.  In their first 10,000 transactions, BitPay has experienced exactly zero cases of payment fraud.  Not a single payment received has failed to confirm over the bitcoin peer-to-peer network, and […]

Silent Circle Adds Android For Encrypted Voice And Video Calls

By Jon Matonis Forbes Wednesday, January 16, 2013 Silent Circle announced today that they have released Silent Phone for Android users…