Aljazeera – Bitcoin Rises, by Nicolas Mendoza

Aljazeera – Bitcoin Rises, by Nicolas Mendoza: Nicolas Mendoza (@NicolasMendo) follows up to his May 2012 article in Al Jazeera with the more recent developments.  Excerpts: “What we have here is radically different from the current system where money creation is based on debt, politically motivated, surrounded by secrecy, inflationary, unilateralist, colonialist, and exploitative of […]

The classification and the future of Bitcoin (another Re: Patrik Korda)

A short while ago I wrote a post where I made some arguments regarding an earlier article about Bitcoin by Patrik Korda. Patrik and I had a long session in the comment section after the article and I’d thought I’d provide a followup. I hope I don’t misrepresent his position, but I think I have a pretty good […]

What Exactly Happened to Bitcoin Prices on March 6, 2013?

Do you remember your bitcoin trading performance on March 6, 2013? We hope so, since it was only six days ago. Another reason you might remember: it was also the day on which bitcoin dropped from a near-record high of $49.10 to $33.30 within nine hours. If shorting had been possible in the bitcoin market […]

Bugs and Forks

Last night BitPay’s servers started huffing and puffing.  At first we thought we might have had a database corruption issue, but on further inspection we realized that one of our Bitcoin nodes seemed to be out of sync with the rest of the network….

The Blockchain not taken (poem)

The Blockchain Not Taken Two blockchains diverged on a yellow monday, And sorry I could not process them both And be one miner, long I sat And looked down one as far as I could To where it were discussed on bitcointalk, Then took the other, as just as fair And having perhaps the better […]

*RESOLVED*[Outage#57673] Bitcoin Deposit Delay

Hello Mt.Gox Users, Early this morning, a bitcoin block too big for version 0.7 was mined by miners using version 0.8, creating a fork in the blockchain. After some deliberation in the community, it was decided that miners should downgrade their versio…

Core Developer Sipa On Today’s Blockchain Fork

Core Developer Sipa On Today’s Blockchain Fork: Bitcoin-Qt/bitcoind core developer Sipa (Pieter Wuille) shares the details about today’s blockhain fork with a post on the BitcoinTalk forum. Excerpts: “If you are not a merchant or a miner, don’t worry.”-“If you’re a merchant: please stop processing transactions until the chains converge.”-“v0.7 or older, the client will […]

The Blockchain has forked (but it’s ok)

This is a huge test for Bitcoin. So far the fork is being handled very well. The markets are definitely hugely active, though, which may cause issues down the road. Faith in Bitcoin is being tested right now. Update: All is well.   No related p…

Breaking: The Blockchain has Forked

Developers are currently holding an emergency discussion in #bitcoin-dev to determine a way forward. The gist of the problem is that 0.7 and 0.8 clients have diverged with each building a different blockchain because 0.7 clients did not accept 0.8 blo…

ALERT: Serious Bug in Bitcoin Client, Details To Follow

There is a developing situation in which a bug in the Bitcoin client software is causing a blockchain fork.  Those using Bitcoin-Qt v0.8 should not trust the transactions as being non-reversible even if the client shows the transaction having received six or more confirmations. This latest on the situation may be monitored on the #bitcoin-dev […]

Audio – Erik Voorhees on the Peter Schiff Show

Audio – Erik Voorhees on the Peter Schiff Show: BitInstant’s Erik Voorhees (@ErikVoorhees) was a guest on the Peter Schiff show, hosted by Thomas E. Woods (@ThomasEWoods). The interview gives a general overview of Bitcoin, from a libertarian perspective, and concludes with Q&A from listener callers. Runtime: 31 minutes.  – (MP3) – (OGG) – All News […]

Jon Matonis – First Bitcoin Hedge Fund Launched

Jon Matonis – First Bitcoin Hedge Fund Launched: Forbes contributor and Bitcoin Foundation board member Jon Matonis (@JonMatonis) writes an update on BitcoinFund (from Malta), the first Bitcoin Hedge Fund.  Excerpts: “Institutional investors and hedge fund managers have secretly sought a regulated investment vehicle for bitcoin placements. Malta-based Exante Ltd. has the solution with their […]